About Decentrix

Decentrix, is a global technology company that develops and licenses enterprise analytics solutions for Media, Entertainment, Advertising and Telecommunications companies with a primary goal of maximizing revenue opportunities for these businesses in their content and advertising business models.

Our solutions focus on providing insightful management decisions that drive improved revenue outcomes across all elements of the business processes including traditional linear media, digital media and essentially all evolving platforms of content delivery. It is comprehensive cross-media analysis solution. Our services including our consulting practice and product support group which also span traditional linear media (both content and advertising) as well as all elements of digital media including web news, entertainment and advertising, OTT content, digital interactive, social media, set top box, mobile deployment and e-commerce. Our goal is to provide leading edge applications to executives to allow them to make critical, timely and profitable decisions that optimize revenue in a rapidly changing marketplace.

The Decentrix executive team has many decades of technology experience in content and advertising deployment, advertising agencies, radio groups, television groups, cable networks, MVPDs, and digital and Internet media operators. Our team have designed, built and serviced many of the media transactional systems across the global community including campaign planning systems, media buying, audience research, production costing systems, client profitability systems, proposal systems, sales analysis, traffic systems, program rights and distribution, master control automation systems, A/R, A/P and G/L and ERP solutions, all specifically for media centric corporations

With this deep background, our development teams have built a comprehensive enterprise Media Business Intelligence (MBI™) Solution. The BIAnalytix™ product platform is tailored specifically to the needs of Media, Entertainment, Telecommunications and Advertising companies. BIAnalytix consists of predefined comprehensive set of modules or building blocks that provide a "fast track" implementation of Business Intelligence for any media enterprise. The platform provides rapid access to insights across a vast amount of information on transactions of proposals, sales, inventory, pricing, audience demographics, customer and financial history across essentially all media transactional systems. This analysis is available instantly to executives in simple to use mobile applications that display the performance and trending of the business and identify the opportunities to maximize revenue outcomes.

Our extensive technology experience with both linear and digital media, positions Decentrix uniquely as the trusted "company of choice" for establishing world-class, enterprise wide, cross-media Business Intelligence solutions for our customers. The BIAnalytix product line is built on the Microsoft SQL Server BI stack and we are a Microsoft Gold certified Data Analytics Partner.

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